We started MorningRx because nobody had a formula that worked.

(but we did!)

The MorningRx Originators

Owen Garratt

Artist, Adventurer, Rugged Individualist, Good Egg

Ken Hardison

Attorney, Serial Entrepreneur,
 Bon Vivant

Tonya Pszolka

Implementation Sorceress,
Dotter of I’s and Crosser of T’s

(DISCLOSURE: None of these folks originated the hangover!)

Owen began investigating his formulation way back in the early 1990s when he was a full-time musician (well, drummer) playing on the road. “People like to buy the band a round.”

After almost 3 decades of research, empirical testing, hypotheses, experiments, and general guinea-pigging, he dialed in The Formulation.

Later, Ken and Owen met, and over the course of ten years, attended and raised havoc at various business conferences across the United States. Ken finally tried The Formulation after he and Owen topped their business meetings in Fort Lauderdale with a particularly feverish night of karaoke.

It worked so well that he implored Owen to “share this with people!” (And Ken may or may not have had a grateful tear glistening on his cheek.)

They were lucky enough to bring on board the single best admin person they knew: Tonya, who worked for one of the companies who hosted the conferences Owen and Ken attended.

Lab inspections. Quotes. Requotes. Test batches. Test hangovers.

And finally… here we are!

"Morning RX is The Real Thing. Just take the capsules before going to sleep and a night out drinking with my friends is painless the next morning! Thank You Morning RX!"

Tiana H.

“I went out for ‘just one beer’ with the boys and it turned into far more than one, but before bed I took Morning RX and instead of feeling like toxic hot death, I felt great the next morning!”

Steve Wright

"I've tried everything and they were all crap, but a friend told me about Morning RX. It's the answer to my prayers.

It's the Bender Mender!"

Ryan Filteau

What've you got to lose?

Feeling like something that grows under logs after a rain?

Jackhammering in your skull and a leaping stomach?


Pfhfhfht! Why Suffer?

Have you birthday cake flavored vodka and drink it too! 

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