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Drink. Reboot. Refresh.

Morning Rx

Morning Rx

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Morning Rx is Patent Pending and Scientifically Formulated to provide Nutritional Support to aid the body in metabolizing alcohol. Naturally Sourced, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, No Stimulants, and Made in the U.S.A.

For less than the cost of a nightcap, Why Suffer?

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“Other things I’ve tried for hangovers just made me feel weird. The first time I tried Morning Rx was when an old high school friend came to visit and two glasses of wine led to opening another bottle. The next morning I was able to keep my amusement park promise to my kids and I even went on the roller coaster! Thank you Morning Rx!”

Karla E

“Morning Rx is great to take on the girls weekend, or any Vacation where the motto is mimosa for morning, vodka for the afternoon and beer for night. It has worked wonders for continuing the next day.”

Jan W

“This stuff is legit!! I’m 38 and even having two drinks makes me completely regret it the next day. I should have felt like death but I took this with some water before going to bed and I COULD NOT BELIEVE how normal I felt in the morning!!”

Hannah S